For your total reassurance, we will provide a clear and detailed survey covering the total cost of the work to be carried out, lead-time to installation, and advise on the expected completion time.

 • Roof cleaning & painting
• Roof Repairs
• Driveway Cleaning Sealing & Sanding
• Driveway Repairs
• Gutter Cleaning
• Wall Cleaning
• Tarmac Restoration

We have a complete range of services to offer. Our aim is to make your driveway or patio look like new. If there is anything we have not listed that you need doing, please dont hesitate to speak to us about it.

Drive & Patio Cleaning

We are a reputable steam cleaning company, offering a driveway and patio cleaning service to all areas. Being experts in this field, any cleaning project we undertake will be carried to a high standard, as we have the correct equipment and knowledge to do the job properly.

As with any external surface exposed to the elements, over time weeds, moss, algae and lichen can flourish across the paving, causing the driveway to look dirty and in the need of some attention.

Drive & Patio Sealing

Our sealing service is suitable across most hard landscape types, Monoblock, Pattern Imprinted Concrete, Sandstone, Clay, Granite etc..

Driveway sealing is a great way to restore and prolong the life of driveways and paving, however we do not believe the additional service to be of benefit to all domestic customers. We will advise during the quote the suitability of monoblock sealing for your property and state the reasons why.

We only use the highest quality sealants that are appropriate for your surface type this will be determined during the quote. All our sealants are 'high solids resin' offering the very best in paving protection, all driveways regardless of surface type will have two coats applied.

Roof Cleaning

By washing your roof, we will thoroughly remove moss, algae, lichen and all other forms of fungi that have contaminated your roof over the years. Throughout the roof cleaning process we will protect your downpipes and clean your gutters of any residue from the roof. Steam cleaning does not damage the roof tiles. Modern cleaners have controls to suit the different surfaces to be cleaned. Apart from the obvious benefits to a clean roof, there are many more serious reasons to remove the build up of moss from your roof:

• Moss algae and lichens on the roof absorb and retain water

• Roof tiles that are wet consistently will become porous

• A build up of too much moss, could lead to broken tiles

• Constantly wet roof tiles will lead to much greater problems such as damp rot throughout the structure.

Roof Coating

Our nationwide roof coating services are highly sought after. The professional roof coatings we provide aim to present commercial buildings in a way that will leave a lasting impression on visitors to and from the business.

After your roof is cleaned, two coats of protective paint can then be applied. This action will immediately seal your roof and prohibit the growth of the aggressive fungi mentioned above. Our proven coating is breathable but waterproof. It is also reflective, flexible and thermal.

With the quality roof coatings we provide, we aim to provide a service that is cost effective, completely transparent and hassle free. All of our roof coaters are trained to the highest standard and all have all the experience needed to ensure a good finish.

All of our roof coating techniques have been tried and tested on a number of occasions, the outcome is always the same. A happy client, a quality roof coat and continuous recommendations.

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